Banking & Finance

Teknims is carving the digital banking and finance world to deliver value with proven technology. We provide technical expertise to banking and finance sectors.


The Banking & Finance Solutions offered by Teknims automates the transaction processes, streamlines payment system and mobile banking to help improve the workflow. We cater to the requirements of banking, finance and insurance companies to match the technology needs of the industry.

Right from developing internet banking websites, mobile apps to eWallets and data management solutions, we ensure that the financial institutions make the best use of technology in their day-to-day activities. We have helped many finance organizations in exploring innovative strategies to improve workflow, reduce costs and streamline their operations. Our solutions are capable of delivering the same benefits for your institution.

Teknims Banking and Finance Service Offerings

  • Fulfil compliance needs and requirements with our certified partnerships
  • Apply data-driven insights to help you achieve expected outcomes
  • Build security controls into your business technology infrastructure and across business domains
  • Encourage customer loyalty through digital banking capabilities