Software Development

Teknims designs, develops and delivers high-performance web applications and sites for innovative and disruptive clients across the globe.

Our enterprise software development solutions are designed with architectural principles based around robustness, scalability and extensibility in mind to serve both business and user needs, now and in the longer term.

We use a variety of modern, well-supported programming languages and technologies, alongside proven libraries and tools, to aid development efficiency and speed. Our development process is based on leading coding standards and good practice, and underpinned by our proven Agile framework to give you end-to-end visibility and total trust in what we do.

Modern Custom Software Development Services

As a business grows, it often needs more complex software to ensure all customers have a good experience. We have a proven record of designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining CRM, CMS and other products for businesses operating on an international stage. Whether you're looking for a custom-built app or a system to integrate with your existing platform, our software development company can help you.

Custom Product Development

Delivering a smooth, user-focused experience is essential to custom software development. We help companies from startups to scale-ups bring their ideas to fruition by choosing the right technologies and using a rigorous, enterprise-level approach to engineer results-driven solutions with a strong ROI.

Digital Experience Platforms

Some of the products we deliver are built on popular CRM and CMS platforms such as AEM, Drupal, WordPress, or Kentico. However, we offer custom software development and solutions from scratch if those platforms do not meet your needs. We use robust languages, libraries, and extensive user experience design knowledge to create a product that holds the user's attention and drives conversions.